Covid - 19


In these challenging and unprecedented circumstances, we at Adama Mykonos Boutique Hotel firmly believe in our duty of care for our guests, employees, contractors and business partners who cross our thresholds. Our aim is to continue providing the characteristic exceptional services, while safeguarding their health
and safety through the introduction of a range of prevention and hygiene measures. We at Adama Mykonos, recognizing the seriousness of the current global situation, are updating our policies on dealing with the unprecedented turn of events.

Measures Taken

Our hotel complies with all guidelines enforced by Greek Health Authorities and W.H.O. with regards to cleaning, disinfection and hygiene. Our Quality, Health and Safety department follows and monitors this situation in order to adopt any new directive given. Special daily procedures for hand-washing, mask-wearing, rooms,
public areas, kitchen and restaurant cleaning are implemented.

Based on this continuous targeting, we undertake:

  • Full compliance with the health protocols that are applied in all the hotels in the country for safe reopening and operation in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Continuously cooperate with local and regional health authorities in both information and emergency response.
  • Conduct the necessary staff training both to raise awareness of the virus and individual protection measures and to take action as appropriate.

    More specifically, the following actions are being taken:


  • Appoint a responsible person and a working group to deal with incidents and events.
  • Continue to work with a private clinic to provide medical assistance.
  • Use of personal protective equipment, steam disinfection equipment, hand disinfection equipment, special disposal equipment.
  • Intensify cooperation with disinfection companies to deal with outbreaks.
  • Our employees have been given clear instructions on how to respond promptly and report any suspicious case on property.
  • Increase of microbiological examinations and surface tests throughout the hotel.
  • Revision of all indices of interest in the upper normal (bromine equivalent, hot water temperatures, dishwasher temperatures and 1000ppm chlorine in the cleanings).
  • Daily disinfection of public areas.
  • Face masks required for guests and staff in public areas
  • All staff members and managers have received training on COVID-19 safety and sanitation protocols.
  • Staff required to regularly wash hands
  • Special equipment (medical kit) is available in case of event occurrence, (disposable gloves and masks, antiseptic, cleansing napkins, apron, long-sleeve robe, laser thermometer).

  • All linens sanitized in high-temperature wash
  • Individually wrapped toiletries
  • Daily deep cleaning of our rooms and suites-high contact areas fully sanitized

We understand the difficult times we are all passing, and we would like to ensure you that whenever you want to travel, your health and safety are our first priority.

Adama Team