A tour of the dairies and farms of Mykonos

Imagine a home in a traditional Greek village. A wood-fired oven is coming up to temperature and the phyllo pastry is rolled out wafer-thin in the kitchen. An assortment of vegetables (straight from the garden) and cheeses (made in a local dairy) are ready for whenever they are needed. As are the eggs (freshly collected from the hen coop in the yard). And as for the pie that’s being created… that’s probably out of a hand-written recipe book, passed down through the generations.

Now, what if you learned that the house is in Mykonos? It’s an image that’s far from the scenes of glitz and glamour usually associated with the Greece’s luxury isle in the Cyclades.

Visiting the farmsteads of Mykonos, you’ll be let into the secrets of a unique and sustainable way of life. Like learning to knead bread the local way and how Mykonos’ cheeses (xynotyro, tyrovolia, kopanisti etc) are made. And you’ll pick produce straight from an organic vegetable patch and cook lunch with it, sampling the island’s traditional cuisine.

You’ll learn all about the relationship of Mykonians with their domesticated animals (sheep, hens, horses, donkeys, rabbits). And be introduced to wines and grape varieties you’ve perhaps never heard of before (Assytriko, Athiri, Monemvasia, Malagouzia, Agiannitis and Mandilaria).

Most of all, you’ll hear the stories of the personalities behind the farms and dairies showcasing the best of Mykonos’ traditional produce and cuisine, as you sample new tastes or buy a souvenir to relive the experience at home.

Source : https://www.discovergreece.com/el/experiences/uncover-roots-mykonos-agro-tourism-tour